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  • How to Determine Swimsuit Size? - SiySiy

    Determining how to find your swimsuit size can seem difficult at first, especially since everyone’s body is unique and standard sizes can differ from store to store. The best way to find the right swimsuit size for you is to measure yourself accurately and go by the size chart. Follow our tips on how to measure your swimsuit size, and soon you’ll have your...
  • Women's rash guard or swim shirt?

    When it comes to summer, sun protection is the number one issue for our girls. In the hot summer, rushing to the beach is what we most want to do. What kind of swimsuit should we choose to protect against the sun? Rash guards or swim shirts? Are you still confused?What are rash guards? Originally created (and named) for surfers, rash guards are designed...
  • Influencer Policy

    Publish Content1. Please put our Promotion Code on the front page of your blog or the description of your social media.2. Please share your thoughts on our clothing through your social networks.You should take videos/photos of you sporting our clothes within 7-15 days of you receiving the items, and publish them to your YouTube, Blog or Instagram. When you publish the photos, reviews and...
  • Can You Wear Workout Clothes to Swim?

    Workout clothes are clothes that are used to work out, train, exercise, or even perform sporty activities. Workout can be different things depending on your preference. Since workout involves different activities, the clothes have been made according to what each workout activities may entail. However, a lot of people just think gym, running and outdoor activities when discussing workout. But a few people have...
  • Can a Girl Run with a Bikini?

    Bikinis are one of the essential parts of a woman’s world. With the discovery of these beauties, it is hard not to use them for everything you want to do. Apart from the fact that they are comfortable, they give you this confidence that you can do anything and I mean absolutely anything you want in it even if that something is an athletic...
  • Are you ready to buy a bikini for summer? SiySiy

    The weather is getting warmer, and we have carefully planned our vacation trips exclusively for summer. This is our hottest and brightest time of the year, showing off our body, enjoying the sun, the beach, the sea, the smile, the enthusiasm... Excited? Get your planning list ready! In 2022, let me introduce you the latest bikini from siysiy, and take you into the summer...
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