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4 Best Long Sleeve Swimsuits for Summer

Would you wear a long sleeve swimsuit in the summer?

Summer is the best season to play in the water, but we are always plagued by the scorching sun. Sometimes we want to get a healthy complexion, but we are not professional and we get sunburn easily. So in various water sports, such as surfing, many people's desire for surfing clothes is to protect the upper body.

So come and take a look at the most popular long-sleeved swimsuits in 2021! Give some advice for your choice in 2022.

1. Long-sleeved one-piece triangle swimsuit
The most popular style in 2021. The one-piece zipper surfing suit can provide a good shaping effect and perfect upper body coverage, allowing you to enjoy any water activities without worries. The lightweight material fits the body just like a second skin. The bikini bottom makes you sexy and hot, and moderate coverage does not make you feel like a thong. The long-sleeved one-piece triangle swimsuit is expected to remain the most popular style in 2022.

2. Long-sleeved one-piece boyshorts swimsuit
The long sleeve one-piece boyshorts is also very popular in 2021, and the boxer bottom gives you more security and a perfect body. Delicate print embellishment makes surf wear not dull, and chic design makes surf wear more casual and fashionable.

3. Long sleeve two-piece crop top swimsuit
Emerging styles in 2021. The long-sleeved crop top design allows you to immediately stand out in the crowd and perfectly show the waistline. It is athletic and cozy at the same time as sun protection. It is perfect for any water activity. In a surfing suit or bikini, it is the most outstanding one.

4. Long sleeve two-piece rash guard
For women, it is difficult to buy a satisfactory rash guard. The dull color scheme is not specially tailored, and you do not have the desire to wear it out. SiySiy's two-piece long sleeve rash guard is perfectly tailored, with a bright patchwork design, which protects against the sun while maintaining fashion.

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