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Can swimsuit be washed in washing machine?

After a pleasant water activity, do you worry about how to clean the swimsuit after taking it off. After all, after a pleasant play, exhaustion comes along. You are tired of washing your swimsuit and just want to throw it into the washing machine.


But! Even if you are tired, don’t use the washing machine to wash your swimsuits. The smallest reason, it will make you more tired. Frequent washing may actually lead to the fabric wearing down and decreased longevity of the suit. But you still want your swimsuit to stay in good condition all summer. In order to maintain the elasticity and color of the swimsuit, you need to wash it separately with a washing machine and a mild bleach-free detergent, and in order not to damage the zipper, you also need to put swimsuit in a laundry bag to protect it.


We recommend you should hand wash your bathing suit to keep the colors from fading and the fabric from getting prematurely worn out.


  • A simple “Lazy way”,take a shower after water activities, rub it gently with your hands in clod water. (ps: If you want to get rid of the stains on your swimsuit, please use the mild hand soap and rub it gently. )There is no need to wring out the water forcefully, try not to hang it to dry, dry the excess water with a towel, and dry it flat. It only takes two to three minutes, allowing you to effectively extend the service life of your swimsuit.
  • An exquisite hand washing method, fill the sink or bathtub with cold water, pour in mild hand sanitizer, soak the swimsuit for ten minutes, gently rub it with your hands, and finally absorb the excess water with a dry towel and let it dry flat.


In addition, you don't need to clean it frequently. Swimsuits are usually made of polyester fabric. Frequent cleaning will damage the fabric and affect the wearing experience. We recommend washing it every 3-5 times.


In general, can swimsuits be washed in a washing machine? Yes, but not recommended.

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