Don't throw away old swimsuits, donate them! SiySiy

Don't throw away old swimsuits, donate them! SiySiy

After the baptism of old swimsuits, we become "loving the new and dislike the old" and start to choose the latest styles of swimsuits. So, what should we do with those swimsuits that are left in the corner?

Should the old bathing suits be thrown away or should they be donated for a good cause? Can you donate bathing suits? It may seem a bit strange being that the majority of persons are not used to giving out their bathing suits or may have never heard of such.

The answer to the question is Yes. Bathing suits can be donated. There are organizations and people that accept bathing suits. Mind you, the bathing suits can either be new or used. Now, let’s look at the organizations and people that do accept new/used bathing suits.

1. Free The Girls

This organization is about girls who were victims of trafficking, as they provide wears including bathing suits for them. You can donate to such an organization.

2. Bras For A Cause

This particular organization focuses on people who are survivors of cancer, people who do not have a place to stay as they provide swimwear without excluding bras and bottoms to them. If it something that can be included in a work of art for breast cancer, they sell them off and use the proceeds in catering for the people.

3. I Support The Girls

A third organization that is willing to accept your bathing suits whether new or used suits are, I support the girl’s organization. They take the bathing suits that are being donated and distribute them to girls that desperately need such suits as bras and suit bottoms. Homeless people aren’t excluded. You can forward your bathing suits to them too.

4. Thrift Store

The fourth group of people that can accept donated bathing suits are thrift stores. They sell such suits with other clothing wears for those who patronize them. Check around for thrift stores around you that may be accepting bathing suits. Please note, not all thrift stores does this. So look out for the one that accepts bathing suits.

Idle clothes are a huge waste of resources. There are even many people we don't know who are craving a "new" clothes. Don't let your old clothes pile up, make it worthwhile again.

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