How To Get Rid Of Mildew in Swimsuit? SiySiy

How To Get Rid Of Mildew in Swimsuit? SiySiy

For swimsuits, there are quite a few things to watch out for like where to place the swimsuit, when to wash and how to care for the suit after taking a dip in the water. For instance, where a swimsuit is being kept shouldn’t be taken so lightly, because it could end up having mold which results in mildew.

To get rid of mildew in swimsuits, there are some different methods and techniques will be implemented. We will introuduce two method for you.

First of all we should know——

What Causes Mildew In Bathing Suits?

Mildew is often found in swimsuits that have been abandoned for a couple of hours. This happens to suits that are wet and haven’t been attended to. When wet swimming suits are folded or balled up and dropped off in a bag or the car after a swell time swimming, the propensity of the mold on the abandoned suit keeps growing.

Situations like these, are what births mildew in swimsuits. Mildew thrives in damp places or environments which can be detrimental to one’s health when worn. Aside from our health, it poses a risk to our bathing suits. It comes with an awful smell and can as well, change the color of the suit.

Also, a suit not drying properly when it has been packed can result in it having mildew as well. Both are liable to affect the swimsuit. Now, presenting to you are methods to get rid of mildew in swimsuits.

White vinegar.

Vinegar is a commonly known natural agent for tackling not just mildew in swimsuits and clothes but used for other purposes in the home.

Having discovered the swimming suits with mildew, take it out and use a soft brush to brush off the mold from the suit. The essence of using a soft brush is to prevent soiling or ruining your suit if you are to use a strong brush. Take cotton wool, dip into a bottle of white vinegar and dab it on areas where the mildew is visible. After dabbing, leave to dry.

If to proceed further, get a bowl and fill it with water or a sink. Pour a little portion of white vinegar into the water and leave to mix for a few minutes. Place the swimsuit into the mixture and leave for a couple of hours. Fill the bowl or sink with clean water, pour in a mild detergent into the water, place the swimsuit to wash. Wash gently to ensure the mixture is out completely. Rinse and air dry.

baking soda.

Baking soda is a deodorizer that helps to remove mildew from swimsuits and other wear.

As usual, fill the sink or a bowl with water. Sprinkle a little portion of the baking soda into the water. It will take some minutes to settle in first, before dipping the suit into the mixture. Soak for the next 30 minutes. Wash it off and run clean water on the swimsuit. Pour in your detergent and wash as gently as you can. Rinse and air dry.

I next article we will introuduce how to prevent mildew from entering the swimsuits.

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