Newest Women Swimsuit from SiySiy in 2022

Newest Women Swimsuit from SiySiy in 2022

The siysiy brand focuses on designing and producing the most suitable swimsuits for women, perfectly showing women's graceful posture, providing a comfortable wearing experience, sun protection, slimming, both functional and aesthetic.

Combining our experience in producing swimsuits and fashion trends in recent years, we continue to introduce new styles and are committed to creating the hottest swimsuits in 2022.

The following introduces the latest swimsuits of siysiy in early 2022 for all water lovers.

1. Women long sleeve bathing suit with boyleg

The long-sleeve one-piece design, coupled with the secure boyshorts bottom, provides sun protection while trimming the perfect figure, keeping the body warm even in colder weather. The unique color stitching on the waist side makes this swimsuit look less dull, lightweight and stylish.

2.One piece long sleeve tie dye swimsuit

A classic long-sleeve surf design fit, this time in a unique tie-dye print. Based on our previous particularly popular tie-dye styles, we have specially launched a new tie-dye print, the black and white color scheme is simple and uncommon, making you unique in the crowd.

3.Croppred two piece swimsuit

In recent years, navel tops have always been popular, and of course they are not inferior in swimsuits. The navel is exposed and the slim design is added. Girls with good figures must try this kind of swimsuit, i promise that everyone will be full of praise for your figure.

2022 has just begun, we will continue to launch more swimsuit styles, continue to pay attention to our news, subscribe to us!

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