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Things You Should Know About Surf Suits

Surfsuit Material: Surfsuits are usually made of high-quality polyester or nylon, which are waterproof and quick-drying while remaining comfortable and soft. Additionally, some high-end surfwear includes more technical materials such as breathability and features like UV protection for better protection and performance.

Body-fitting fit for surfing suits: Surfing suits are often fitted with a tight fit to ensure a snug fit in the waves and prevent water from getting into the suit. This design also improves the surfer's flexibility, making it easier for them to turn and control the board through the water.

Surfsuit Colors and Styles: Surfsuits often feature bright colors and unique patterns to improve visibility in the waves. In addition, many surfwear also feature personalized designs such as embroidery, appliqués and printed patterns to reflect surf culture and style.

Surfsuit care and maintenance: In order to maintain the performance and longevity of your surfsuit, proper care and maintenance measures need to be taken. This includes washing your surfwear in light salt water after use, avoiding bleach and softeners, and avoiding exposing your surfwear to the sun. In addition, the waterproof and UV protection performance of the surfing suit should be checked regularly, and necessary repairs and replacements should be carried out.

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