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What Are Board Shorts?

Wearing board shorts over a one-piece suit has appeared to be a popular trend. Miss A may choose to wear the board shorts being that there is a reason somewhere on why she has the board shorts on. Miss B may see the board shorts as a wear that shouldn’t be worn over the one-piece suit.

Before you, is a question that goes, Can Girls Wear Board Shorts Over Their One Piece Swimsuit?


Yes, girls can wear board shorts over their one piece swimsuit.

What are board shorts?

Board shorts are high-waist shorts without an inbuilt brief, often worn over the one piece swimsuit. The board shorts are loosely fitted, which is commonly worn by those who surf, hike and paddlers.

It is casual wear that is made readily available for both the male and female folks. Moreover, the board shorts are made mainly from nylon and also polyester, which causes them to dry faster when wet.

There are a few differences and similarities between the board shorts and the swim shorts. While the former are produced to be high waisted with pockets at the sides, the latter stops at the waist and often come with pockets too.

Moreover, the board shorts do not have inbuilt briefs, whereas, the swim short has briefs within as an extra layer of protection. Lastly, board shorts are longer than swim shorts. These are few of the differences and similarities that exist between them.

Why girls like to wear board shorts over theris swimsuits?

Insecurities can lead to girls wearing board over shorts. Not all ladies can confidently flaunt their flaws and imperfections in public. Especially when the flaws or imperfections are seen on the down part of the body, like after the waist. The board short is then used as a cover-up to hide those little flaws or imperfections.

A second reason why girls wear board shorts over their suits is to protect a certain part of their body from the sands at the beach. Not everyone feels comfortable sitting on the sand, as this could result in some serious health problems.

Board shorts are best used for many activities because they are light weighted, giving you the freedom to move your legs about while surfing, hiking, or paddling. It acts as a way of protecting the skin from harsh weather conditions, sun rays, and other unfortunate circumstances.

No rule forbids girls from wearing board shorts over their one-piece swimsuit. All you need do is finding out your purpose for wanting to wear the board shorts and act accordingly. Feel free to rock your shorts over your one-piece suit, without worries.

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