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Functions Of A Rash Guard:

There are several purposes to wearing a rash guard when you are anywhere near the sea. Here, we will mention the most common reasons to wear a rash guard.

· Safety from Sun:

Are you waiting for the perfect waves to come so you can dive into the sea easily? Do your kids like to play with sand but do you want to protect them from the sun? Rash guards have got you covered! Now you don't have to expose your skin to sun rays for a long time as rash guards protect your body from them, thanks to its Ultra-violet protection factors. But don't forget to put on sunblock as the primary protection.  

· Sea Armor:

Even if you visit a beach in the summer, the underwater temperature is always pretty cool. But a wet suit might feel a lot to wear in summer while diving in the sea. Hence, a rash guard is a good option here. Although rash guards do not keep your body warm, they can be an excellent alternative to a wet suit. Also, the rash guard can protect your body from irritating sea particles.

· Prevents Rashes:

The most usual reason why people prefer wearing a rash guard rather than a swimsuit is to protect their skin from unwanted rashes. If you plan on surfing, there is a risk that you might get scratches due to friction, or the sticky residue on it can irritate your skin. So, it is always a safer option to wear a rash guard no matter if the surfing board is smooth or rough, especially for kids.

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