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How To Dry Wet Swimsuits Faster?

1. Place Your Swimsuit In Water

Run the water on your swimsuit in the sink, or in a bowl.

2. Use A Mild Detergent

Pour a detailed amount of detergent into the swimsuit such that it is enough to have the swimsuit washed.

3. Remove Excess Water

To remove excess water from the swimsuit, get your towel and have it spread on the floor.

Take the wet swimsuits, place them in between the towel. Fold it and use the towel to wring out enough water from the swimsuit. Go over it gently, so you don’t over ruin the suit.

4. Lay The Swimsuit

Get a flat surface, and lay the swimsuit on it. Please, ensure where it’ll be placed is clean and free from dirt.

5. Get A Fan

If you have a standing fan or a ceiling fan, turn it on and face it towards the swimming suit. With this, the swimsuit dries faster.

Things To Take Note Of When Drying A Swimsuit

1. Do Not Air Dry The Swimsuit In The Sun

Desist from placing the swimsuit directly in the sun. Flee from such. Swimsuits shouldn’t be air-dried in the sun. This is because, the heat from the sun can affect the bathing suit because of its lightweight, which can cause the suit to easily penetrate the swimsuit.

Air dry in a cool place devoid of the sun.

2. Don’t Hang Your Swimsuit

Hanging your swimsuit with a hanger is not acceptable. Since swimsuits are usually light and thick when wet, hanging them with a hanger will cause the swimsuit to drop. And the moment it starts dropping, it starts losing its shape.

It is better to spread on a board than hang on a hanger.

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