How to Get Rid of Sand in a Swimsuit? SiySiy

How to Get Rid of Sand in a Swimsuit? SiySiy

No doubt, we all know that sand is inevitable at the beachside. They contribute to the fun we derive and enjoy. Aside from that, it gives a special feel to our legs when we step on them. But as good as they’re on our legs and body, they can become a nuisance when trapped in our bathing suit making one to be uncomfortable.

If you look closely at your swimsuit, you’ll discover that it has a long-lasting fabric outside and a very soft fabric liner found round about the inside of your suit. And so you know, it is these layers that pose to be difficult when wanting to take off the sand from your suit. By means that once we’re faced with sand in our suit, it becomes difficult to take them off from the layers.

Now, let me introduce the step of get rid of sandfrom our swimsuit.

Step 1: Result To A Faster Action

If you just went to the beach and notice that some sand has clung to your bathing suit, the first thing that you should do should be, taking some fast action to address the issue for the sand to come out quickly. It is best you do it soonest than leaving your suit for a while before attending to it.

Not when the sand has fully settled inside your suit within the inner fibres of your bathing suit for this would lead to time-wasting and difficulty in removing the sand. The first thing to do the moment you’re back from the beach is to shake off the sand from the outside.

Once you have simply done that, turn the suit to the inside and shake off the sand from it again. This is an easy way to remove the sand that can easily be removed from the shaking process.

Step 2: Rinse Suit For Some Minutes

At this juncture, you must have gotten out the majority of the sand at the surface of your suit. So what do I do next?

Just deep the bathing suit into the bowl or sink filled with water for this method. You’re not to use detergent but just to rinse. You’re not washing it but rinsing. For washing may not totally remove all the tiny particles of sand from the suit hence, it is best to rinse first.

While that doesn’t mean you are not going to wash the suit. But you have to deal with the sand first before washing separately to remove chlorine and stains. As you keep on rinsing, look out for areas where sands are visible in the fabric and rinse off quickly with your hands.

Step 3: Leave Bathing Suit To Dry

The instant you’re done rinsing your bathing suit in clean water, get a towel and wring the suit with the towel to remove excess water. Another format of drying is rolling your bathing suit into the towel to remove additional water out of the suit. And after taking away the water, the next best thing to do should be taking the bathing suit out to air dry.

And do not spread your suit on a hanger to dry or on a rope. It will stretch and destroy the suit. You’re expected to lay the suit underneath a tree or beside the house. Or you could simply get a towel, set the suit on it and keep in a cool place. Allow to air dry after looking for a good spot to place it.

But in all, make sure it isn’t in the sun to avoid the sunlight fading the colour of the suit when it is placed right in the sun.

Step 4: Shake Off Again

When you notice the bathing suit has dried up completely, it is now time to give it the last shake so the remaining sand can fall out. Take your suit and get ready to shake. Being that when you get back from the beach, there’s a tendency of water that is clung to your suit which in a way retains sand on the fabric.

And now that your bathing suit has dried up fully, the leftover sand that didn’t come off at the time of rinsing should come out now through this second process. Just some hard shakes should do the needful. This will bring out the remaining sand from the suit to get your suit back to its sand-free era.

Step 5: Time To Blow Dry

Let’s assume after going through all these rigorous processes, you notice that some particles of sand are still on your bathing suit, then worry not. We’re here to provide solutions to all of your fears. To get those remaining sand out of your suit for good, you’ll be needing the help of your dryer to do the final job.

Now you just have to get a hold of your dryer, plug it and place the dryer on a cool setting. The moment it is good to be used, hold your suit in one hand and use the other to blow off the last bit of sand on the suit. With this, your bathing suit is back and free from sand for good.

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