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Ways to Remove Urine Smell From Bathing Suit

Although a bathing suit seems to be one of the most comfortable clothing when bathing under the hot summer sun, getting urine smell out of a bathing suit usually turns out to be a very hard nut to crack. Well, no matter how difficult you must have found this to be in the past, this post comes with a breakthrough response that gives the right answers to your concerns about urine smell in your bathing suit.

Well, to remove the foul smell, you need to use a suitable substance that can react with the uric acid that causes the urine smell. Substances like vinegar, bleach, enzyme-based detergents and mouthwash can get the smell out of cloths.


There are two kinds of bleach. The chlorinated bleach and the non-chlorinated bleach. The chlorinated bleach is mostly suitable for white bathing suits while the non-chlorinated is suitable for colored suits.

Chlorinated bleach is not suitable on color suits is that it will cause the color to fade overtime. It is advisable to avoid using it on color fabrics except you don’t mind the fading of the color.

2.Enzyme-based detergent

Another way of removing urine smell from your bathing suit is by using enzyme-based detergent. There are different detergents for different purposes. Make sure that you buy the one that works on protein-based dirt like urine.

Enzyme-based detergents come in both powder and liquid form. The two of them can remove urine smell.

  • Make sure that you purchase the right detergent that can work on protein-based dirt like urine and blood.
  • It is easier to use liquid detergent than powder. Choose the one that will work best for you.
  • Adhere to the product instructions for best outcome.


Another way of getting out urine smell from bathing suit is by washing the suit with vinegar. It is very easy to get it out when you take the right steps. Urine contains uric acid. This is the major cause of foul smell. Vinegar works very well in removing uric acid from cloths.

  • The role of vinegar is to react with the uric acid that causes the smell.
  • Wash your suit with water and detergent to remove dirt before soaking it in the vinegar bucket.
  • Avoid it if you are allergic to the product.
  • If the urine smell is too much on the suit, apply baking soda on the area as well.

Now, the days of feeling embarrassed with urine smell on bathing suit are over!

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