How to put on a swimsuit correctly? - SiySiy

How to put on a swimsuit correctly? - SiySiy

In fact, many people do not use the correct way to put on their swimsuits, so some people think that it is difficult to put on a one-piece swimsuit, and even think that it is the reason for the inappropriate size.

Do you think it takes a lot of effort to put on your swimsuit? Then come and learn the correct way to put on and take off your swimsuit with me!

In the first step, pass your legs through the foot holes of your swimsuit

Obviously, it is easy for us to find the correct position, but please be careful not to rub your toenails against the fabric inside the swimsuit. It may damage your nails or damage the swimsuit. We don't want it to happen.


The second step, try to pull the swimsuit to your waist

If the swimsuit has a bag or zipper, please do not pull them to put on the swimsuit. The friction between the swimsuit and the body may directly damage the fragile parts. The correct way is to gather the swimsuits together and lift the swimsuit to the waist.


The third step, pull the swimsuit to the chest

Pull the swimsuit from the waist to the chest, and put your arms through the shoulder straps or sleeves. This is for you to put on your swimsuit smoothly. If it is difficult for you to zip or tie the belt, please ask others to help you instead of dragging them bluntly. Please note that if you feel that this step is a bit difficult for you, and you have a strong sense of being dragged when your arms are stretched into your sleeves, this may be because the size of the swimsuit is small, and you should choose to return it and change it instead. You wore it hard.


Congratulations on successfully mastering the method of wearing a swimsuit!

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