What swimsuit is best for me?- SiySiy

What swimsuit is best for me?- SiySiy

It is not easy to buy a suitable swimsuit. It is like underwear. You want it to have a beautiful appearance and comfortable enough. Seeing someone else’s beautifully-fitting swimsuit, you really want to get one of the same style, but it is very likely that that swimsuit is not suitable for you. No matter how beautiful a swimsuit is, you don’t want to constantly adjust his shoulder straps, bottoms, sleeves on the beach... 


Obtaining a suitable swimsuit requires a certain amount of patience, relax, I will help you find the best swimsuit for you. The necessary condition is: fully know your body.


First of all, determine whether your figure is suitable for regular or plus size.Although the largest size of the regular size may also be suitable for you to wear, it is a bit reluctant, you feel too tight, and there is no sense of slim fit and comfort. At this time, you can turn your attention to plus size swimsuits. Now more and more merchants produce various styles of oversized swimsuits, which are not inferior to conventional swimsuits. Please remember that the smallest size is not the best relative to your figure, and the right size will show the figure you want.


The second point is to understand whether you have a long torso or a short torso. For a long torso, I recommend you to choose a round neck swimsuit or a V-neck swimsuit. Or the front zipper swimsuit, you can pull down a little zipper to expose your neck more and reduce the visual length of the upper body. If you have a short torso, I would recommend a high-neck swimsuit, which will visually stretch your upper body a little bit. Of course, you want to show more neck and don’t want to choose a high-neck swimsuit. You can also choose a round-neck swimsuit to increase your cuteness.


Finally, find your body advantage, or the body advantage you want to show. You think your hip shape is perfect, you can choose a swimsuit with a triangle bottom to better set off it. If you are not satisfied with your hip shape, you can choose a boxer swimsuit to modify your hip shape. If you are satisfied with your breast shape, you can choose a swimsuit without steel rims. The built-in bra of the swimsuit can give you good support; if you are not satisfied with your breast shape, you can choose a swimsuit with steel rims that provide bigger support, perfect show your breast shape.


There is an extra point. If you buy swimsuits online, please check the data on the size chart before buying. Don't rely on intuition!


No matter what kind of swimsuit, wearing comfortably and showing confidently is the best.

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