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Why swimwear is important for us?

You may often wonder why we need swimsuits in the water, instead of casual wear, we wear swimsuits coincidentally. I think there are some reasons.

Skin Protection

Modest swimwear offers far more protection to skin from the sun. As our knowledge of the sun's effects on our skin increases, such as premature aging as well as overexposure being the cause for skin cancers—more and more women want safer, better protection than just sunscreen alone. At Lime Ricki, our modest swimwear material offers UV +50 protection to protect your skin.

The most frequent of places we wear our swimsuits and swimwear is outside by the beach, lake, or pool in the sun. It simply makes sense to consider modest swimwear that protects against UV a must for our delicate skin.


How many times have you found yourself wearing or wish you would have worn an oversized T-shirt, a pair of shorts, or both over your swimsuit? Many women admit that skimpier swimsuits can often ride up, shift, or slip while at the beach simply doing normal activities. Even a simple swim may cause accidental material malfunctions, while other women who enjoy activities such as beach volleyball remark the chance of their suit not staying in place can often keep them from ever enjoying their favorite things.

For surfers, sailors, and other beach sports, the advantages of modest swimwear in the form of rash guards becomes two-fold, as they not only protect from the sun but also protect skin from rashes and abrasions.


Whether it is a personal need, a religious belief, a cultural background—swimwear is important. Especially in public, the necessary body coverage is morality and politeness. We support the display of individuality, and the tailoring of swimsuit styles has become more and more diversified. We want to become dazzling among the crowd. Beautiful swimsuits increase self-confidence, and good tailoring conceals physical defects. I think this is also an important reason why we need to wear swimsuits!


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